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Welcome to Budgie Genetics Explorer, a fun to explore the effects of the genetic mutations of your budgie.
To see this page properly you may need a java plugin for your browser.
Please read the notes bellow!
BUDGIEGENEX is a Java applet, where you can set different genetic mutations of the budgerigar and see how these mutations alters the outlook of the budgie. The radio buttons on the right side represents mutations. Each mutation is represented with two buttons, for the two chromosomes.
You can find a color/pattern guide about how to create some common color variants here.

Some notes:
  • The purpose of this application is fun.
  • There are many shades of budgies which cannot be represented in this simple way.
  • Pattern mutations have a very board range. What you see here is only one usual.
  • The actual look of the budgie could (will) differ than as represented here.
  • The mutations simulated here are only a part of the known budgerigar mutations.
If you would like to join a discussion about BUDGIEGENEX, you can do it here:
Your comments are very welcome.
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